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Sample Question 4

Which of the following configuration snippets enables Active Directory authentication?

A. ldap.authentication.active-directory.enabled=trueldap.authentication.activedirectory.domain=your domain
B. ldap.authentication.enabled=trueldap.authentication.active-directory.domain=your domain
C. ldap.authentication=trueldap.authentication.active-directory.domain=your domain
D. ldap.authentication.active-directory=trueldap.authentication.activedirectory.domain=your domain

Sample Question 5

Which of the following hibernate dialect is NOT supported by the activiti-app?

A. org.hibernate.dialect.Oracle10gDialect 
B. org.hibernate.dialect.DB2Dialect 
C. org.hibernate.dialect.DerbyDialect 
D. org.hibernate.dialect.MySQLDialect 
E. org.hibernate.dialect.PostgreSQLDialect

Sample Question 6

What are the options for storing documents when using the attachment control on an Alfresco Process Services form? (Choose two.)

A. Filesystem. 
B. Alfresco. 
C. Relational Database. 
D. NoSQL Database. 
E. Dropbox.

Sample Question 7

Which setting do you need to configure to enable the email server to send email notifications?

A. mail.enabled=true 
B. email.notification=true 
C. email.events=true 
D. email.enabled=true

Sample Question 8

By default, into which of the following filesystem locations can the Alfresco Process Services' license file be uploaded? (Choose two.)

A. In the application container classpath. 
B. In the license subfolder of the installation directory. 
C. In the location defined by the $USER_HOME environment variable. 
D. In the location defined by the $USER_HOME environment variable. 
E. In the filesystem location defined by $USER_HOME/.activiti/enterprise-license/

Sample Question 9

By using the Alfresco Share connector one can integrate Alfresco Process Services with Alfresco Content Services. Which one of the of following is the correct approach to define site specific Alfresco Process Services processes that can be used in Alfresco Share for a site called “Manufacturing”?

A. Every site in Alfresco Share has a property st:processApp. The value of this property for the site “Manufacturing” needs to be set to the app name defining the processes in Alfresco Process Services.
B. After having applied the Alfresco Share connector AMPs to Alfresco Content Services, the admin console is extended with a new entry “Site processes”, from where administrators can select each site and link it to an available process app from Alfresco Process Services.
C. The property site.manufacturing.processApp needs to be set in Alfresco Process Services' alfresco-global.properties file, whereas the value for this property must be the name of the process app as defined in Alfresco Process Services. 
D. After having applied the Alfresco Share connector AMPs to Alfresco Content Services, one has to apply an Aspect abs:activitiProcessApp to the “Manufacturing” site's document library and then set the Aspect property abs:appDefinitionName to the name of the process app as defined in Alfresco Process Services. 
E. From within App Designer in Alfresco Process Services, the site specific process app needs to be shared with a group “site_Manufacturing”. 

Sample Question 10

Which one of the following categories is NOT exposed as a tab in the Activiti Admin application?

A. Apps.
B. Forms. 
C. Tasks. 
D. Jobs. 
E. Instances.

Sample Question 11

For security reasons you do not want to allow any processes to be designed with script tasks as it could be used maliciously, is there a way to prevent this?

A. No, this is a base task in the App Designer process editor and it cannot be disabled, you will need to restrict who has access to App Designer to create processes. 
B. The capability 'script task allowed' can be removed from the capability group for users you want to prevent from using script tasks. 
C. A validator property can be set to false to disable script tasks in the activitiapp.properties file. 
D. If you synchronize in users from external, you can modify configuration in the activitildap.properties to prevent users from using script tasks'ldap.synchronization.scripttask=false'.

Sample Question 12

What do the Google Drive and Box integrations require to properly function with Alfresco Process Services?

A. There needs to be a valid development account to access the API. 
B. There needs to be a SHA2 security token. 
C. There needs to be a secret key. 
D. There needs to be a certificate with a secret token.

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