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Sample Question 4

Your team lead does not trust the junior terraform engineers who now have access to the git repo . So , he wants you to have some sort of a checking layer , whereby , you canensure that the juniors will not create any non-compliant resources that might lead to a security audit failure in future. What can you do to efficiently enforce this?

A. Create a design /security document (in PDF) and share to the team , and ask them to always follow that document , and never deviate from it. 
B. Since your team is using Hashicorp Terraform Enterprise Edition , enable Sentinel , and write Policy-As-Code rules that will check for non-compliant resource provisioning , andprevent/report them. 
C. Use Terraform OSS Sentinel Lite version , which will save cost , since there is no charge for OSS , but it can still check for most non-compliant rules using Policy-As-Code. 
D. Create a git master branch , and implement PR . Every change needs to be reviewed by you , before being merged to the master branch. 

Sample Question 5

Terra form installs its providers during which phase?

A. Man 
B. Init 
C. Refresh 
D. All of the above 

Sample Question 6

Why should secrets not be hard coded into Terraform code? Choose two correct answers

A. All passwords should be rotated on a quarterly basis. 
B. The Terraform code is copied to the target resources to be applied locally and could expose secrets if a target resource is compromised. 
C. Terraform code is typically stored in version control, as well as copied to the systems from h it's run. Any of those may not have robust security mechanisms. 
D. It makes the code less reusable. 

Sample Question 7

Which of the following does terraform apply change after you approve the execution plan? Choose two correct answers.

A. The execution plan 
B. Terraform code 
C. Cloud infrastructure 
D. State file 
E. The .terraform directory 

Sample Question 8

What does terraform refresh modify?

A. Your cloud infrastructure 
B. Your Terraform plan 
C. Your state file 
D. Your Terraform configuration 

Sample Question 9

You've used Terraform to deploy a virtual machine and a database. You want to replace this virtual machine instance with an identical one without affecting the database. What isthe best way to achieve this using Terraform?

A. Use the Terraform taint command targeting the VMs then run Terraform plan and Terraform apply 
B. Delete the Terraform VM resources from your Terraform code then run Terraform plan and terraform apply 
C. Use the terraform apply command targeting the VM resources only 
D. Use the terraform state rm command to remove the VM from state file 

Sample Question 10

Module version is required to reference a module on the Terraform Module Registry.

A. True 
B. False 

Sample Question 11

terraform destroy is the only way to remove infrastructure.

A. True 
B. False 

Sample Question 12

A terraform apply can not___________infrastructure.

A. import 
B. provision 
C. destroy 
D. change 

Sample Question 13

Which of the following can you do with terraform plan? Choose two correct answers.

A. View the execution plan and check if the changes match your expectations 
B. Schedule Terraform to run at a planned time in the future 
C. Execute a plan in a different workspace 
D. Save a generated execution plan to apply later 

Sample Question 14

What is a key benefit of the Terraform state file?

A. A state file represents a source of truth for resources provisioned with a public cloud console 
B. A state file represents a source of truth for resources provisioned with Terraform 
C. A state file represents the desired state expressed by the Terraform code files 
D. A state file can be used to schedule recurring infrastructure tasks 

Sample Question 15

In a Terraform Cloud workspace linked to a version control repository, speculative plan runs start automatically when you merge or commit changes to version control.

A. True 
B. False 

Sample Question 16

When you use a remote backend that needs authentication. HashrCorp recommends that you:

A. Push your Tefraform configuration to an encrypted git repository 
B. Write the authentication credentials in the Terraform configuration files 
C. Use partial configuration to load the authentication credentials outside of the Terraform code 
D. Keep the Terraform configuration files in a secret store 

Sample Question 17

terraform validate reports HCL syntax errors.

A. True 
B. False 

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